Professional Development




​Providing educators with an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the learner's experience through an immersive, interactive sessions.



Equanimity PDO is a SEL (social emptional learning) professional development organization focusing on connecting the impact of the educational environment to increased student and educator success.




Equanimity PDO provides professional development sessions to educators.  The choice of professional development available in three or six hour sessions.



Presenters are credentialed by the state of Texas as certified teachers and school counselors who hold masters degrees in their area of specialization.

The term "equanimity" is described as mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.  This is our goal for all in education.


"Enjoyed the class - honestly feel it would encourage educators to examine their teaching strategies and determining what works and what needs revising."  Libby B., retired intermediate school teacher

"I really enjoyed the training. It will help me incorporate patience, understanding, and most of all hope to decrease the anxiety of my students" Maria W., elementary school counselor

"I loved how you tied it all together at the end. I found myself wondering how it would tie to SEL and you did it beautifully. I feel this would be a great beginning of the year PD for my campus! I loved that we had the hands-on opportunity to paint and relate. This workshop was one of the most interactive and collaborative that I' have ever been in. " Amber M., elementary school counselor

"The thought provoking ideas of today are great for all in both education as well as other professions. I will continue to think and gain knowledge."  Kyle B., high school teacher

"Awesome way to demonstrate differentiation in terms of how people / students work, process information. Also shows how simple things can turn into amazing pieces with or without expensive equipment. It's a great way to teach/ introduce/ model without all the boring educational terms. 1 of 3 in-services I have actually enjoyed. Amazing way to inform and demonstrate. 10/10 :-)"  Abram G., high school teacher